MENU Projects

  • AI4ChemoBrain

    An artificial intelligence model to predict cognitive impairment during chemotherapy based on subject-derived omics and phenotypic data.
  • Inca

    A multidisciplinary framework to investigate the impact that so-called digital platforms have on European democracies and Institutions.
  • Operandum

    A multi-dimensional open and flexible platform enabling stakeholders and end users to improve knowledge in NBS to mitigate climate change.
  • Oplon

    An evidence-based actions and methods aimed at preventing frailty, promoting the health of the elderly, planning and developing early diagnosis and “care and cure” tools and networks.
  • Impact

    Methodologies and techniques to monitor Social Network Sites and to identify relevant structural and communication patterns.
  • ICD code it

    A solution that could ease the ICD coding task while improving correctness of coding.
  • Cogitab

    An easy and highly sensitive test, which can detect critical cognitive profiles.